9015 Struthers Road Inspection Report

This Inspection report is for the property located at 9015 Struthers Road, New Middletown, Ohio 44442. The home inspection was performed on March 9th, 2020.  Purchase your downloadable copy of this inspection report for $80. 

9015 Struthers Road

9015 Struthers Road, New Middletown, Ohio 44442

This report is effectively a snapshot of the house recording the homes conditions at the specified date and time. Home inspectors cannot predict future behavior, and as such, we cannot be responsible for anything that occur after the inspection. If conditions change, we are available to revisit the property and update our report.

This was a non-invasive, “VISUAL” inspection only. The scope of this inspection was only to verify proper performance of the homes major systems. The following items reflect the condition of the home and it’s systems at the time and date the inspection was performed. Conditions of an occupied or unoccupied home (and it’s systems) can and do change after the inspection is performed (i.e. leaks can occur beneath sinks, the water may run at toilets, the walls, doors, and flooring, may be damaged during moving, the kitchen sink disposal may get jammed, the dishwasher may leak, etc.).

The furnishings, personal items, and/or systems of the home were not dismantled or moved. A three to four hour inspection is not equal to “live-in exposure” and will not discover all concerns with the home. Unless stated in writing, we will only inspect/comment on the following systems: Electrical, Heating/cooling, Appliances, Plumbing, Roof and Attic, Exterior, Grounds, and the Foundation. Cosmetic items (i.e. peeling/falling wall paper, scuffs on the walls, floor coverings, nail holes, normal wear and tear that is common in an occupied home, etc.) are not a part of this inspection.  NOTE: This inspection is not a warranty or insurance policy. The limit of liability of Elite Home Inspections Group and its employees, officers, etc. does not extend beyond the day the inspection was performed.