Home Check Service

Home Check Service

Peace of Mind While Your Away

Elite Home Inspections offers a personalized Home Check Service. We provide a one-time visit or regularly scheduled visits to a home for owners on vacation or otherwise absent from their homes.

You have made a considerable investment in your home. Protect it with Elite Home Inspections home check service. We will give you peace of mind by checking the interior and exterior of your home while you are away.

Whether your away for a couple of weeks or even a few months at a time, we take away the worry of being out of town by watching your home.

When your home is left unattended, it is critical for homeowners to have in place the proper safeguards and security checks. Alarm systems may simply not be enough. Having someone reliable bring in the mail, replace burned out light bulbs and remove flyers, newspapers and miscellaneous debris on and around the front door, will give the impression someone is home. This helps to deter burglars who watch for these signals to identify an unoccupied home.

Boardman Home Check

Don’t Come Home to THIS!

Unfortunately, owning a home comes with its share of headaches. Without warning, problems can strike and quickly become disastrous especially when a home is unoccupied. A small unmonitored leak can create major structural damage. A furnace that unexpectedly stops working causes pipes and drains to freeze or burst. These problems can rapidly turn into a major expense, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the home, furnishings and personal belongings. By having a professional service visit your home, you can do your part to help avoid potentially disastrous situations.

As an alternative to having a house sitter stay in your home, or relying on friends, relatives, or neighbors you can call the professionals of Elite Home Inspections to care for your home while you are away. A professional home check service that brings peace of mind to homeowners away from their home. Whether it’s a short business trip, a one-week vacation, or an extended stay out of town — we are your eyes and ears in the event the unexpected strikes.


Scheduling your Home Check Service is simple.

  1. Contact Us to set up a free consultation and to get a quote based on your specific household needs.

2. We’ll email you a Home Check Agreement to sign (done electronically).

3. Pay for the service.

4. We’ll perform your Home Check based on your requested schedule.

5. We’ll email your Home Check Report.


Current Home Check Service Rates

Rates are based on homes up to 2,500 SF.
Homes 2,501 to 5,000 SF add $5.00.
Homes 5,001 SF and up add $10.00.

COMPLETE SERVICE –  Covers both an Interior and Exterior Check  $50.00 per inspection
PARTIAL SERVICE –  Covers either an Exterior or Interior Check Only  $35.00 per inspection

** There is an additional fee of $10 per visit for a weekend home check service.


Interior Home Check Service

Complete visual inspection of the homes interior (room by room), walls and ceilings for signs of problems

Check for vandalism and signs of forced entry
(including broken windows and unusual conditions)

Check the homes interior for issues i.e. mold, pests, water damage

Check the basement for flooding or water leaks

Verify the hot water tank is functioning properly and check for leaks

Check the electrical panel, ensure all breakers are functioning properly

Verify the refrigerator and freezer are operating

Verify the furnace / AC is on and functioning

Confirm the utilities are on and operating
(including water, gas, electricity)

Check for water leaks, run all faucets, flush toilets, run toilets/showers/sinks and check for leaks (prevent pipe damage)

Ensure pilot lights are on and working

Replace Smoke Detector Batteries
(if low level battery indicator warning)

Rotate Interior Staged Lighting

Replace burned out light bulbs (where reachable)

Water indoor plants

Bring in the mail, flyers and newspapers

Confirm alarm system remains activated

Open and close window blinds and drapes

Follow instructions from the home owner to rectify any issues with the home during their absence

Relay any urgent messages to the homeowner regarding the property

Provide 4 or more time stamped digital photos of interior rooms
(Kitchen, Family Room, Basement, Front Entryway)

Provide a comprehensive report electronically to the homeowner

Exterior Home Check Service

Visual inspection of the exterior of the home for signs of problems

Check for vandalism and signs of forced entry
(including graffiti, broken windows, lawn debris)

Check for weather / storm damage

Verify doors are locked and windows are secured

Ensure the garage door is closed

Collect UPS and FedEx Packages

Collect newspapers and periodicals

Remove flyers and miscellaneous debris in and around the front door

Replace burned out exterior light bulbs (where reachable)

Run water spigots and check for leaks

Confirm contracted Landscaping / snow-shoveling / pool maintenance services were performed

Provide 4 or more time stamped digital photos of the exterior  (Front of Home, Back of Home, Yard, and Garage)

Provide a comprehensive report electronically to the homeowner

Additional Services

Wait Service – Furniture Deliveries, Cable Provider, Utility Company, Repairman $40.00 per hour
Car Start Service – Start Automobiles, Pump Brakes, Idle Engines  $40.00 per hour or $5.00 per vehicle if we are already performing a home check service
Forward Mail $40.00 / hour + costs
Forward UPS and FedEx Packages $40.00 / hour + costs
Forward Newspapers and Periodicals $40.00 / hour + costs
Contact and Work with Contractors for Any Corrective Action $40.00 / hour + costs

** There is a 1 hour minimum for additional service

No Surprises

A Home Check Service ensures that homeowners return home with no surprises.  We check on your home and report back our findings to you. Whether it’s your primary residence, a vacation house, or a second home — we’ll keep you in check. We monitor your home with preventive check frequency to help make sure your house will be found exactly as you left it.

Don’t trust just anyone to look after your home. We are trained, certified, professional home inspectors and know what to look for during a home check. Inspecting homes is our business. Anyone else is just looking around.

Put your mind at ease and call a professional. Contact Us Today to set up your personalized home check.